The Garey House, A Georgetown Wedding Venue You’ll Love

a couple poses on the patio of Garey House, a wedding venue in Georgetown, TX

Welcome to the Garey House, an affordable wedding venue located in Georgetown, TX.

Formerly a 6,500-square-foot home, it has been hosting fabulous weddings and beautiful events since 2008. During the summer of 1955, Jack and Cammy Garey purchased the 525-acre property to build their dream home. 

After years of enjoying their property, the Gareys donated the landscaped grounds and their beloved home to the city of Georgetown along with a whopping 5 million dollar check to develop a park and make any renovations to their previous home. 

Step into a wedding wonderland where country meets Tuscan-style elegance. This venue offers indoor and outdoor event spaces, accommodating up to 80 guests indoors, 125 when you combine the hall and courtyard, or 125 guests on the outdoor event lawn. 

Regardless of the setup, you have abundant seating options, so there’s no need to worry about trimming down your guest list.

an engaged couple pose together for their engagement session

Don’t worry about feeling rushed on your big day. You’ve got ten solid hours to soak in the joy of your celebration. And guess what? When you book, you also snag a two-hour window for your engagement or bridal photography session. 

Having your dream wedding here means you can kick back and enjoy the moment without stressing over the little details. It’s all about giving you that extra time to savor the experience and feel completely at ease. 

During your wedding, according to the Garey House website, you’ll receive use of the bridal suite, which can comfortably host yourself and nine bridesmaids, friends, or family. 

The men get a space of their own with a personal groom’s suite so the bridal party can all get ready on-site. You also won’t need to worry about renting tables or chairs as they provide cocktail hour, guest, cake, bridal party tables, and portable bars.

A Full Kitchen For Caterers

The caterers will love that they can have full use of the prep kitchen, so you won’t have to worry about the food getting cold or, worse, fashionably late. You’ll also get the help of the on-site manager, who will be the main point of contact on the big day. 

They ensure you don’t need to worry about any details as they round up the vendors, guide guests where they need to be, and keep everything on track and tidy. 

The lake at They Garey House in the background of an engagement session

This amazing venue doesn’t just host large weddings (although the wedding ambiance is unbeatable). They also host many private events, from corporate events to socials, showers, birthdays, and even meetings for small groups of 5 to larger groups of 125. If you need a beautiful gathering space, this venue has you covered. 

So, what makes the Garey House even more awesome than its elegant indoor space, San Gabriel River views, and European vintage style? It’s the fact that you can be your authentic self here without judgment. 

The Garey House is all about embracing and welcoming everyone, including the LGBTQ community.

Pricing at the Garey House differs depending on the type of event and number of guests you are hosting. A typical wedding rental rate can range from $2,500 to $4,850 dollars depending on the kind of wedding chosen, date, time of year, and holidays. 

Budgeting for a wedding is everything, and a romantic wedding destination needs to fit within that budget. That’s why they offer two other types of wedding styles besides the most traditional. You can choose a more intimate micro-wedding or a super cozy elopement. 

Micro-weddings can host up to 60 guests with a 7-hour rental and 1-hour photography session beforehand. You’ll have access to the entire property, tables, chairs, and on-site managers to guide your day flawlessly.

a woman cuddles with her fiance for their engagement session

If you’re planning an elopement, why not use this beautiful estate as an ideal venue? With elopements, you’ll keep the theme intimate with 30 of your closest friends and family, a 3-hour maximum rental, use of the private bridal suites, tables, chairs, and the outdoor ceremony location of your choosing. 

Suppose you’re planning larger events such as socials or fundraisers requiring a prep kitchen, complete tables and chairs, prep suites, onsite managers, and 10-hour rental. In that case, these parties are considered “full socials.” They can range between 2,500 to 4,850 dollars. 

Seated dinners, cocktail receptions, or “mini socials” are perfect for events with under 60 guests. You have the venue for 7 hours and can use the prep kitchen, tables and chairs, two prep suites, and the onsite managers for any assistance. Depending on dates, times of the year, and other factors, these events range from 1,750 to 3,450 dollars. 

Hosting a wedding or baby shower with luxurious interiors like those found within the signature Tuscan-style hall and courtyard gives the cozy vibes for “petite parties.” Perfect for groups of 40 guests and under, you’ll receive four hours of use of the hall and courtyard spaces, along with your guest tables and chairs and the help of the onsite managers. 

The rate for such an event is $1,250 but cannot be booked on holidays or holiday weekends. You can add lawn games, a bar, or rolling copper coolers to keep your friends and family cooled off while hanging out on the spacious patio. These add-ons cost another $100, but it’s well worth it. 

Suppose you’re in the market for the perfect meeting space for corporate functions or private business. In that case, you can use the more natural setting of the Garey grounds instead of the drabness of the traditional meeting place. 

Big or small, this venue, with the various outdoor spaces, can keep everyone comfortable at tables or theater-style seating. Small groups of up to thirty may use the meeting room, which will run you $50 per hour, whereas larger groups of upwards of thirty will cost $200 per hour. 

the pavilion ceremony spot at The Garey House

The courtyard at the Garey House sets the stage for a fairytale ceremony, providing a blend of country meets Tuscan style that will beautifully frame and complete your special moment. This is the largest of the ceremony spaces, with seating for up to 125 upon opening the three large French doors to combine with the indoor hall.

A beautiful outdoor ceremony space that can transform into the most happenin’ dance floor, the terrace is the perfect place to say your “I dos.” With lush greenery and stunning landscape, your photographer can capture these moments without worrying about distracting background extras. After the ceremony, you can walk down to the dock for even more photo opportunities. 

The lush event lawn is the most prominent outdoor ceremony and reception space on the grounds, with seating for 125 guests. With approximately 2,000 square feet of outdoor space, there are many ways to set up a floor plan to make your wedding personalized to you. You can use the list of preferred vendors to add some tents or other amenities to keep you and your guest comfy and cool. 

an engaged couple cozy up on the patio at The Garey House, a wedding venue in Georgetown, TX

No need to stress about parking, even with large groups. The main parking area has space for a total of 155 vehicles. Once you mention the name of the bride and groom at the gate, you’ll gain free admission. Plus, there is ample room for charter buses and passenger vans, making those bridal party trips to and from the venue a breeze. 

Not only is the outdoor courtyard a stunning ceremony site, but you can also host cocktail hour here for that perfect romantic night vibe. The indoor and combined outdoor event space offers the most spectacular Tuscan style that gives off the feel of an Italian wedding right in your hometown. 

This romantic wedding destination, perfect for all country meets Tuscan-style couples, offers the most impressive private rooms to prepare for the big day. You and your bridal party will have access to these rooms during the rental period, so you can get your hair and makeup done on the property instead of hustling around town. You will get the prettiest “getting-ready” photos next to the velvet drapes and rich wooden accents, and you can keep relaxed knowing you won’t be traveling to appointments. 

The terrace and event lawn offer the perfect spot for couples dreaming of an outdoor wedding. With enough space for larger weddings, your guests can roam around and not be confined to a singular space while you are taking your bridal party photos by the waterfront. Plan the perfect day using the list of preferred vendors to set up tents and have outdoor bars to keep the party going. 

The terrace isn’t just the ideal place for a Tuscan-style ceremony but can be turned into the most amazing outdoor dance floor for you to dance the night away. The expansive foliage and the gorgeous pergola create the easiest wedding decor. You don’t have to lift a finger; it already looks great! 

the lake at The Garey House is beautiful for weddings and events

The terrace and event lawn are not the only picture-perfect areas of Garey House. With the floor-to-ceiling fireplace, lush event lawn, great room, spacious patio, beautiful courtyard, and Tuscan-inspired architecture, you have the most fabulous photo opportunities no matter your ceremony location. The outdoor locations exuding elegance make this the perfect spring, summer and fall wedding venue. 

This place is a caterer’s dream! The kitchen boasts roomy countertops, a giant fridge, and a microwave. Picture this: they can effortlessly set up shop, whip up your delicious cocktail hour appetizers, and then seamlessly transition to crafting the mouthwatering main meal. Better yet, if you choose from the list of preferred vendors, they have already executed this dance many times, making for an easy, worry-free event. 

Weddings and events are entirely diverse as they come in all shapes, sizes, and, of course, budgets. Regardless, you won’t have to compromise on a beautiful location. Just choose which of the three wedding styles most fits your financial situation. It’s all about making your special day as unique and stunning as you envision it, without breaking the bank. 

a man dips his fiancee in front of a tree and green lawn

You must check out this wedding venue. It’s got a fantastic Tuscan-style decor theme that makes you feel like you’ve been transported straight to Italy. The Garey House is a hidden gem for all kinds of love stories

Plus, it’s affordable, and they go out of their way to make everyone feel welcome and celebrated. The photo opportunities are abundant because of all the stunning lush landscaping and architecture. 

Don’t fret over travel from the salon and back since you’ll have access to the private bridal suites, which double as a place to step away when needing a breather. Reach out to schedule your tour and speak with a staff member to get the ball rolling. Once you schedule your tour, visit The Garey House at 6450 RM 2243, Georgetown, Texas.

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