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Your wedding will be an incredibly important day in your life. You’ll want these moments documented to look back and see the happiness, the joy, and the love you share with your partner, family, and friends. 

Hiring a professional wedding photographer will give you much more than some quickly taken iPhone pictures. These photographs are high quality, will last through the ages, and will document everything in the best light possible. 

Story Telling
Wedding days go by extremely quickly. There may be a few points you even completely forget about! With professional wedding photography, you will be able to view this beautiful story through images. So go ahead and pick out the wedding photo album you’ll be turning the pages of this story often! 

It’s easy to think a family member or close friend would be reliable enough to take some photographs for your wedding, but in reality, things happen, and they most definitely will be getting pulled in other directions. 

By hiring a professional, you are sure to have all the attention on you and the little details you took so much time putting together. They will show up on time and ready to showcase you as the star of the day. 

After the big day, the last thing you’ll want to do is go through the hundreds of photos, pick the best ones, crop out arms and elbows, and add any little edits. You’ll want to be enjoying that much-needed honeymoon vacation! 

Leave the post-production to us. We will carefully sift through all the photos, handpicking only the absolute best ones. Then, work our magic with editing, enhancing each photo in the most fabulous ways possible.

Memories and Keepsakes 
You know how it is–as time passes, some memories fade. That's why having these moments captured in photos is just priceless! They're like little time capsules we can pass along and reminisce over for years to come. But hey, that doesn't mean we should just stash these photos away in a box.

Create amazing keepsakes with these moments. Build gallery walls in your home to remember the foundation that has been laid to get you where you are today, use the photographs for thank you cards, or have them made into Christmas ornaments. There are so many ways you can use your professional photographs! 

The Many Benefits of Investing in a Professional Wedding Photographer

The types of weddings

Looking for a playback of the big day? Choose documentary wedding photography, that way, every moment from the start of the day right to the end is captured in sheer perfection. 

Traditional wedding photography focuses on perfecting the perfect poses and getting everyone together. If you need some guidance and help assembling the crew for some nice photos, this is the wedding photography style to choose! 

If you’re feeling those timeless and romantic vibes, you must aim for a film-style photography session. You’ll feel as if you’ve stepped back in time with classic poses, genuine, authentic photography, and purely candid moments. 

Want to feel like you’re on the cover of Vogue? Editorial photography focuses on making you and your spouse the center of attention, capturing the best moments while giving some guidance on poses that make you both look like you’re runway-ready. These will include tons of black-and-white edits and poses that will make you swoon. 

Dark and Moody 
If you’re searching for deep, rich coloring, dramatic aesthetics, and sharp contrasts, check out some dark and moody wedding photography. This may not be the style for everyone, but if you’re looking for a more artistic approach, look no further. 

Garey House

The Garey House is a wedding wonderland where country meets a Tuscan style elegance like no other. The 6,500 square foot home offers the most amazing photography opportunities not to mention the fantastic backdrop to share your “I dos”. 

Duchman Winery

This winery not only produces some of the tastiest wine in central Texas but also offers an incredibly beautifully romantic backdrop to your wedding day. If you’re looking for cozy Italian-style vibes with some picture-perfect outdoor settings, the Duchman Winery may be the perfect venue for you! 

Allegro Weddings and Events Venue

Country wedding with a touch of sophistication? Yes, please! At Allegro Wedding and Events Venue, you get the best of both worlds with rustic wooden beans, twinkling lights, and breathtaking chandeliers. There are endless photo ops with the whimsy of wildflower fields to the perfectly renovated barn you’ll be glad you decided on classy country.

Favorite Wedding Venues in Austin, Texas 

questions + answers

Do you Travel for destination weddings?

I love traveling both nationally and internationally for business and pleasure. I have a current passport and create destination wedding packages to best suite your needs. All destination wedding quote will include travel and lodging. Send me a message and let me know which destination wedding locations you are interested. 

How much is your wedding deposit?

The only way to reserve your wedding date is to sign a contract and remit a non-refundable wedding deposit of 30% of the wedding package. After you submit your deposit, the remaining balance is due 2 weeks before your wedding day. Also to note, I have business wedding insurance for all of your venue’s needs.

Do you offer a second photographer for weddings?

I do include a second photographer or additional photographer in the Your Heart’s Desire package. I do offer a second photographer for the other packages at a flat fee of $600. The second photographer would be present from the beginning of the wedding day until halfway through the reception.

Do you offer an engagement photo session?

I do include a complimentary engagement photo session with the Your Heart’s Desire package. In addition, engagement sessions can be added to any additional package. I will work with you to find the best places to take engagement photos that are meaningful to you.

Do you photograph LGBT weddings?

Absolutely! As a father to a queer child and husband to a wife with 3 moms, I'm both an advocate and ally. Love is love, and I am here to capture the beautiful moments and emotions of your special day, no matter who you are or whom you love. Let's celebrate together.

Can I download all of my wedding pictures?

All your wedding pictures are included for download in your wedding photo gallery for the following packages: Your Heart’s Desire and Everything You Want packages. The Everything You Need Package includes a limited number of images with the ability to purchase additional ones. 

Feel fulfilled knowing that your story is being told your way.

You want to remember this day forever. You want someone you can trust to capture your wedding story. You want Michael T Davis Photography

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