3 Reasons To Plan Your Photos At Sekrit Theater

A couple poses in the Sekrit Theater greenhouse in bright sunshine

Nestled in the heart of Austin, Texas, is Sekrit Theater, an eclectic photography venue promising to keep it Austin weird. They have the most unique backdrops that offer a blend of old and new that are a step up from traditional photo shoots. Discover a place entirely crafted by artists, dreamers, makers, and doers of all The Things.

If you’re tired of the same old photography spots, the Sekrit Theater offers an unusual take on all kinds of photography types, from weddings to engagement sessions. While snapping those pics, you have the excellent opportunity to use antique artistic props, access to a dressing room, a full restroom, and several structures on the grounds to use as one-of-a-kind backgrounds. If you are tired of the usual, seek the unusual at Sekrit Theater. 

A family poses at Sekrit Theater for their portrait session

The History Of Sekrit Theater

In 2007, Beau Reichert purchased a 2-acre plot of land with overgrown vegetation and nearly fallen buildings and knew he had found a place where he could be his happiest self. 

Beau’s initial idea was to transform one of the buildings at the original location for his private residence while renovating the other buildings to house his creative arts and projects. Beau did have a few setbacks as, for nearly three years, he battled it out with local code enforcement because his dream theater didn’t fit within the city codes. After years of frustration, the theater was finally constructed along with the other structures using reclaimed materials. 

Word spread quickly about this new and exciting artistic wonderland, and more and more people wanted in. They wanted to know what the “secret” was to this unique location and how to be a part of the magic. This turned Beau’s once quiet life into one of fighting an ever-growing list of code compliance complaints.

a Black couple poses in a greenhouse in Austin, TX

After years of negotiations, the city allowed him to transform the space into a small, sustainable community. One that would be a tiny house community all made from all recycled materials. Beau was excited about these plans as the main reason for this endeavor was to create. 

But, as of now, Beau’s sole responsibility is keeping Austin weird and continuing his creative flare while zoning departments sort out the legalities. The Sekrit Theater is now famous for its on-location shoots for photographers and videographers looking to give clients a bit of that unique retro vibe. 

3 Unique Benefits Of Sekrit Theater

There is a limited basis, however, of how many people can be at the Sekrit Theater. It’s like having your very own secret hideout, which makes booking sessions perfect for those intimate wedding shots or getting cozy in your engagement photos. 

Looking for a wedding venue? You’ve found it! This multi-acre outdoor wedding space can be transformed into a ceremony and reception full of whimsy. Weddings here are a photographer’s delight as no matter where you turn, there is a beautiful photo opportunity. The best part? It’s affordable, different, and, most of all, memorable. 

The Venue Is Dedicated To Keeping The Austin Weird Vibe

With so many uniquely made spaces, this property holds up to Austin’s weird vibe, and it does so in the best way ever. Unlock a realm of cool with an advance booking. You and your photographer or videographer have access to the greenhouse with vintage chandeliers, overflowing green foliage, fountains, a vintage lounge bus, and even more groovy elements. The exposed bricks, retro-checked flooring, and antique props allow you to explore your artistic freedom and break free from the norm. 

An Uncountable Number Of Interesting Photography Spots

After locking in your portrait session, chat up your photographers to ensure you can snap photos at all the extraordinary locations on the property grounds. It’s pretty much an eco-friendly, funky fantasyland. 

The greenhouse, with stunning natural lighting that glows through the vintage window panes, is the perfect place for couples to celebrate their love by taking engagement photos. The lush greens and trickling fountains are the perfect romantic atmosphere for such a special occasion. 

Two brothers pose together at Sekrit Theater, a venue in Austin, TX

A Perfect Spot For Movie Night

Want to host the event of the season? Fancy flaunting your knowledge of Austin’s quirkiest and coolest spots to your crew? Well, consider it done when you host a movie night at the one and only Sekrit Theater. What could be better than sitting around with your favorite people while an old-time popcorn machine churns out some buttery goodness? Well, we can’t think of anything better. 

A beautiful Black family poses for photos at Sekrit Theater in Austin

Wrapping Up

If you’re on the prowl for the ultimate spot with diverse vibes and artsy flair, you must visit this gem of a photography heaven in Austin. Whether it’s popping the question, capturing those “she said yes” moments, or throwing the bash of a lifetime, the Sekrit Theater is your go-to. Brace yourself for a hearty dose of Austin weirdness, thanks to its extensive decor and vintage vibes that’ll have you feeling like you just stepped into a time capsule. 

Don’t forget to admire the jaw-dropping masterpieces by artists who’ve cranked out their most prized pieces. You won’t find this kind of artistic magic anywhere else, hence why we couldn’t keep it a “Sekrit” any longer. 

  1. Good morning,
    About how far away is the bus from the greenhouse? Is it easy with mini sessions to access these areas within 20 minutes?

    Thank you!

    Christina –

    • Michael Davis says:

      Hi Christina,

      It looks like the nearest bus stop is a 5 minute walk to Sekrit Theartre . I just did a quick google search. I’m not sure where you would be coming from. Hope this helps.

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