Freeze Time
Along with the many benefits of taking family portraits, the biggest has to be being able to freeze a moment in time with your family. You’ll be able to look back and see the joy in one another's eyes and, for a moment, relive this exact point in time even after many years have passed. 

Book an Exciting Photography Adventure 
Getting family photographs is extremely fun. Sure, it may seem a bit stressful leading up to the photo session, but once you get there, you’ll see just how much fun you and your family will have capturing one-of-a-kind and genuine photographs. 

With lifestyle photography, we are ditching the overly posed shots and focusing on authentic family fun. You’ll get to do fun activities, run through the park, or even bake some cookies in the comfort of your own home. Whatever you choose, you’ll be so glad you captured these fleeting moments that will one day be the best moments of your life. 

The Benefits of Family Photography

Traditional Portraits

Step into the world of traditional portrait sessions, where lasting memories come to life as incredible art pieces that'll stay with you forever. These timeless photos aren't just snapshots–they're your personalized touch for home decor, the heart of your family's holiday cards, and the perfect way to celebrate any milestone that comes your way.   

Lifestyle Family Photography

You’ve seen them on Instagram and while scrolling through your news feed–now it’s your family's turn to embrace this new photography style. Jump into the world of candid and authentic portraits, where we ditch the formal poses and embrace the chaos of everyday life. 

If you have littles, this is the perfect session, as they are encouraged to run, play, and be their silly selves. Trust us–when you see these photos in twenty years, you’ll be so glad these images can be held close. 

Types of Family Photography

Where to Have Family Photography

Book a Home Session
So you’re interested in lifestyle photography and are wondering where the best place to take your photos is. Well, you’re probably there–right now– unless you're at work, and, well, we won't tell. 

Booking a home session for family photography is the perfect atmosphere to have everyone extra calm and bring a bit more confidence in front of the camera. Seize the moment to capture the ultimate coziness, snap candid kitchen moments, and embrace the joy of backyard games. It's your perfect opportunity to turn ordinary scenes into extraordinary memories that truly reflect your family's warmth and happiness.

Perfect Park Setting
Choose a park to visit for your family photo session. You don’t need to prepare a backdrop–as nature already has that covered for you. You just need to show up looking your best and let your photographer guide you the rest of the way to ensure the best family portraits you’ve ever seen. 

Choose A Meaningful Location
Think about it–different places hold unique meanings for each of us. So, when it comes to family photography, the options are wide open. You might fancy a spot outside your home or local park, maybe a beachside resort or lakefront, it could be anywhere that tugs at your heartstrings. The beauty is it's all about what feels special to you and yours.

questions + answers

I want family pictures but don't know where to start

As a parent of 3 kids, I understand being overwhelmed with thinking about family picture ideas, outfits, locations, etc. I will help relieve some of that stress. I will work with you to iron out your vision and help get all the kids in line so that you can just be present.

can i bring my extended family to our Family portrait session?

Yes we can capture the large extended family photo and then separate family units afterwards. We will also capture some fun with the cousins, siblings, parents, and grandparents. Afterwards, I will work with the small family units to select the best prints to hang in their house.

When is the best time to schedule my family portrait session?

Really anytime. Whether you are looking for Spring Family pictures, fall portraits, pictures for the holidays’s, family mini’s, or just want to gather for a special occasion, I am here to help.

How far do you travel for an Austin family portrait session?

I love to travel and am ready to travel where ever you’d like to have your session. If you want me to tag along for a day during your vacation then I’m yours. If you want to travel to your family gathering or reunion then I’m yours. I have a passport and my bags are already packed.

Do you have a pricing list or packages available?

During our consultation, I will share with you the pricing list and packages available, as well as what sample albums and prints that you can purchase. In order to reserve your date, you just need to pay the session fee. You will select and purchase your images and products afterwards.

when will i receive our family pictures?

A few days before your family session, I will send an email to schedule your viewing session. During this time, I will help you select your favorite images and will discuss how you would like them printed. If there are multiple families involved (extended family) then I will schedule a viewing session with each family unit.

Feel fulfilled knowing that your story is being told your way.

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