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Five Outdoor Family Photography Session Locations In Austin, TX

A Outdoor Family Photography Session in the fall weather and trees

Looking for the best outdoor backdrops around Austin, Texas, for your family photos? Good thing you landed on this page! Texas boasts a myriad of picturesque locations that will turn your family portraits into timeless treasures. 

From scenic parks to iconic landmarks, we’ve rounded up the top five spots in Austin, TX that scream “Instagram-worthy family moments.”

The Benefits Of Family Photography

What is the point of taking family photos? To start, it’s a way to capture everyone in a specific moment in time. Parents, you already know how fast your little ones grow. Having the opportunity to snap some photos of your children during special moments and ages will be a cherished memory for the future.

One of these special moments is newborn photography. It’s the perfect way to get the whole family outside in the surrounding landscape for a fun and creative shoot. 

You’ll never forget these photo sessions, and now you have a tangible memory of a time that just flies by. Not to mention, they are just ridiculously adorable.

Creating moments to share with future generations. One of the biggest benefits of family photography is that it can be shared with your grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and beyond!

Not only can they see their ancestry, but it’s also a way to show the love that has grown into what it is now. One day, a future relative will learn about you and the legacy your family left–how cool is that?

A family gathers for their outdoor family session with fall-colored trees in the background

Best Time For Family Photo Sessions

When looking for the best time to book your sessions in the Austin area, it’s really a matter of what you prefer. Are you looking for a summer glow? Or does the idea of orange pumpkins next to your toddler make you smile? This also means the outfits will be entirely different, so choose wisely!

When we start working together, make sure to mention these things and I can help you decide the best time of year/time of day. Looking for more inspiration? Check out the link below to see my Pinterest for ideas!

How To Make Family Sessions Fun For Kids

Taking photographs of little ones is no easy feat. Photographers and families know this all too well–que the head nods. Sometimes it takes getting creative and upping the fun level to get them happy and smiling. 

When on location, there are a few things you can do to make the session lively and keep the giggles flowing.

Ditch the stiff 90’s poses. Ditching the stiff poses is one way to make photo sessions enjoyable for the kiddos. This is the time for candid photography. Run around and play! These are honestly the best, most authentic pictures that turn out absolutely perfect for placing in some fun frames.

Bring the fun! Bring something fun for the kids to do during the session. What about a bubble-blowing bonanza? Not only will we get to see those bright smiling faces, but this makes for the perfect popping “prop.” 

Don’t forget the snacks. Don’t forget to load up on your littles favorite snack. An Austin family photographer knows the importance of a quick snack break, and sometimes this is all the kiddos need to give them a bit of an energy boost to finish up the shoot.

a mother poses with her baby for their outdoor family portrait session

Tips For Cutting The Stress Beforehand

The number one tip is to plan ahead! Have the outfits laid out, the kiddos bathed, and the snacks packed the night before the photo shoot. Being prepared will keep the day of the photography session stress-free, and when everyone is in a better mood, you get better pictures. Which then makes for money well spent. 

Make sure everyone’s well-fed and rested. Hangry and tired do not mix. Embrace the chaos–it’s okay if things don’t go perfectly. Communicate with your photographer about any requests or concerns beforehand so everyone’s on the same page. This will save you from any confusion during the shoot or sitting for poses you didn’t really want. 

Don’t sweat the small stuff. On the day of the shoot, give yourself a buffer for unexpected hiccups, like traffic or a sudden rain shower. Pack the kids a spare set of clothes, leave a few minutes earlier than you need to, and remember to relax and have fun! This is about capturing memories and documenting real family moments.

5 Locations For Your Outdoor Family Photo Session In Austin

If you want a natural landscape but with a bit of that Austin city skyline in the background, Butler Park is the outdoor photo location for you! With winding walking paths, city views, a serene pond, and a night-lit fountain, there are so many pretty photo opportunities. 

You’ll want to book a second shoot to hit all these fabulous spots. Trust us, your photographer won’t mind at all. 

Guess what? Butler Park isn’t just a paradise for your human family–it’s also a tail-wagging haven for our furry friends! Don’t forget to leash up your four-legged family members and bring them along. 

Outdoor Family Photography Session

Sekrit Theater

If you’re searching for a location keeping it Austin weird and broadcasting its eclectic landscape and art pieces, you must visit Sekrit Theater. The owner has worked incredibly hard to preserve a place for dreamers and artists to show their skills, and this makes for a fantastic place to get some magical photos.

A family session here will require a bit more planning as you’ll have to book/pay a time to visit, but with your professional photographer in tow, you’ll have some stunning pictures that are sure to make it above the mantle.

Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park

Prepare to be mind-blown by the sheer beauty of Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park–we’re talking a whopping 290 acres of untamed Texas beauty! Step into a lush, green wonderland where nature’s beauty hits you from every angle. It’s not just a park; it’s like diving into a forest of greens that wraps everyone up in its natural embrace.

Take a trip through the wildflowers, where the green fields and pops of white, yellows, and purples will highlight your every move. The creek beds also offer a beautiful reflection of the natural landscape and a sparkle to your photos and smiles. We are already envisioning how fun this photo session will be! 

Mueller Lake Park

Picture this–wispy willow trees, seamlessly paved pathways, and a charming pond fountain–Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park is the definition of a majestic family photo haven. What sets this place on a whole new level of enchantment? Well, it all comes down to the magic of timing.

Depending on the season and the time of day, this gem has the ability to transform. One moment, you’re surrounded by the serene beauty of a morning glow and the next, it’s like stepping into a completely different landscape under the warm hues of a Texan sunset.

The natural feel really brings a pop of brightness to your photographs, and when visiting during the fall, you’ll get all the golden glow of changing leaves, making for some stunning photo ops.

A indoor family session for a family with children

Your Home

Ah, there’s no place like home. And if you want to include little ones and pets, this may be the best place to capture these images. Being at home gives everyone a sense of familiarity, which in turn makes everyone more relaxed and more natural in front of the camera.

Whether it’s playing in the backyard, cozying up on the front porch, or tip-toeing through the garden, each nook and cranny provides a unique backdrop for some stunning shots. The personal touch of your home adds an extra layer of authenticity to the pictures making it feel as if it’s a normal day. 

Being home also offers an opportunity to take a break if the kiddos get a bit restless. It is way easier to de-escalate a situation at home, unlike when you’re out in public. This makes for an all-over more comfortable photography experience.

How To Pick Your Austin Family Photographer

With so many talented Austin family photographers, picking the right one for your family session can seem impossible. But with these tips, you can narrow down the options so you can choose the right photographer for you!

Ask To See A Portfolio

Professional photographers will have a portfolio or professional log of all their photos. This showcases to the clients the type of work they can do and their photography style.

It’s easy to pick up their vibe when viewing the portfolio, and you can see right away if it’s what you’re looking for for a family session.

Look Up Their Reviews

Have you ever ordered something online and then got it in the mail and thought, “hmm, should have taken a look at those reviews”? Been there, done that. The same goes when you’re planning on hiring a service like a photographer.

More often than not, you’ll see just by the reviews how previous sessions have gone and if the past clients enjoyed the photographer, complimented their work, or maybe had a rough time.

Check Their Style

As you dive into the photographer’s portfolio, pay close attention to the vibe from the subjects in the photos. Do they seem posed and staged, or is there a more natural, candid flair to their style that screams lifestyle photography?

It’s all about spotting that magic touch that resonates with your family’s personality and captures the authentic moments you want to be frozen in time. Depending on your preferences, you’ll want to pick a photographer who is comfortable shooting in the style you want. 

Explore Their Product Options

The best part of family sessions is what you receive at the end of it all. We both know a Facebook profile isn’t nearly enough for your special moments. 

Make sure your family photographer offers high-end products like albums and large prints for the living room (or nursery!). After all of the work you’ll put in to make your family photography sessions happen, it’s worth having something on the walls that you’ll look at every single day for years to come. 

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