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Reasons Why You’ll Love A Lifestyle Family Photography Session

a family cuddles with their baby for their lifestyle family photography session at their home

When it comes to lifestyle family photography, a lot of people don’t understand how it can be different from the usual kind of family photography we know about. You know, standing there, smiling, holding hands. 

Lifestyle photography isn’t about the poses, though. These photos capture real-life moments, creating a more natural and fun atmosphere that perfectly translates into your family’s story.

Lifestyle photography shows each family member’s personality and authentic bond. Lifestyle photographers will also make these photo sessions fun for families, regardless of size or age. 

If you’re looking to ditch the traditional family photographs and dive into a more personal shoot, you’ve come to the right place.

a toddler crawls through a chute at home for their family session

If you’re a parent, you know how precious the moments are. Documenting their younger years offers a loved keepsake. You’re not just freezing moments in time but building a bridge for future generations.

Whether it’s birthdays, the arrival of a new family member (furry or otherwise), or hitting significant life milestones, you can honor these moments with a photo session to preserve this precious moment in time. 

Once your photo session wraps up and you have those delightful prints and albums in hand, there’s nothing quite like turning your house into a home by proudly displaying your new portraits. 

It’s a fantastic way to infuse your living space with a personal touch, making every glance at the wall a stroll down memory lane.

How Is Lifestyle Family Photography And Documentary Photography Different?

Lifestyle family photography consists of a portrait session, with the photographer snapping photos of real-life moments. 

Documentary photography is generally understood as photographs that are straightforward and always candid. It documents a moment in time through photographs. 

The beauty of lifestyle photo sessions is that you get the best of both worlds, where you get candid and fun-loving moments sprinkled with a few posed shots.

a mother holds her baby in their nursery at home for their lifestyle portraits

Find Complementing Outfits, Not Matching

Choose outfits that complement one another. A great example would be for everyone to wear different shades of red shirts and blue jeans. You can also choose different fabrics or textures of white tops and shades of blue jeans to make it more visually interesting instead of the same outfit repeated.

Colors To Avoid For Family Portraits

If you’re looking to achieve the best photos, there are a few clothing items you’ll want to avoid.

Brightly saturated and neon colors. For any photo session, these colors never photograph well as they create a color cast onto the skin and distract from the individual being photographed. Choose neutral or muted colors that complement your hair, skin, and eyes.

Extreme patterns or logos. Avoid overly flashy, busy patterns or logo designs that distract from the overall photograph. 

Clashing colors. A perfect example is wearing colors like green and red, which often have a holiday feel. Make sure to coordinate your outfits for a harmonious feel. Unless, of course, you’re aiming for a holiday aesthetic.

Things To Bring For Young Kids

Kids can sometimes be a challenge to entertain, and it probably won’t be any different during your lifestyle photography session. There are a few items you can bring along to keep the peace among the littles.

Snacks. Consider bringing their favorite treats, especially since these sessions can be long for kids. Opt for easy snacks that won’t spill on their clothing or create a mess for you to clean up – it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Toys. Again, young kids lose interest quickly, and having them sit, stand, and wait can create a bit of tension. Make sure to grab a few of their favorite toys or games they can play with. These could even be used as some fantastic props!

Change of clothes. Any parent of a small child knows how they can go from picture perfect to “what happened here” in a matter of seconds. Avoid the stress and bring another corresponding outfit just in case.

a baby sprawls out on a white crib

Your Home

For those who want photographs with their kiddos or pets, having a photo session at home may be the perfect spot. Everyone feels more comfortable at home, which is even more beneficial for those who are a bit camera-shy. 

There are more versatile settings where you could cozy up on the couch, run around in the backyard, or snap a cute picture in the kitchen. There are also no time constraints in your home, and there is flexibility to take a quick break if needed.

A Favorite Hangout Spot

Choose a location your family frequents often. Choose a garden space, beach, lakeside, farm, orchard, or even a bookstore. The options are endless, and you can truly capture some fantastic candid family moments anywhere.

A Local Park

If you want to avoid traveling far, planning a portrait session at a local park is the perfect location to get some amazing shots. The authentic moments of your family playing at the park, running through the grass, or sitting by a pond will be captured memories you’ll want to reflect on.

Lifestyle photography isn’t about capturing the perfect family portrait. It is about strengthening family bonding, having fun, and creating memories that last a lifetime. So forget about having the ideal seated portrait and have fun with your family, as these turn into the best photographs. 

a newborn girl wearing a purple and white dress sleeps in her crib

People skills. A good lifestyle photographer possesses a few primary skills, some artistic and some technical, and excellent people skills. These photographers can anticipate authentic interactions, expressions, and emotions.

Communication. A good lifestyle photographer can effectively communicate ideas, guide the session, and ensure client collaboration. They have the personality to teach and make you comfortable during the photo shoot.

Attention to detail. Lifestyle photographers have to be creative when documenting your special moments. Paying attention to detail is important for visual interest, along with storytelling.

Patience. Lifestyle photography often involves waiting for the right moments to unfold. Patience is crucial in capturing authentic and spontaneous expressions, especially when working with families, children, or pets.

a family poses in their backyard in front of a cherry blossom tree with their dog


When you reach out, we’ll kick things off with an in-person or Zoom consultation if a meet-up doesn’t fit the schedule. During this chat, we’ll dive into the details of your family and get a real sense of everyone’s unique personality. 

It’s our chance to brainstorm the perfect spot for your photo session – somewhere that truly vibes with your family’s style. We’ll discuss all the print goodies you envision, making sure your final gallery is exactly what you’ve been dreaming of.

Photo Session

Once the big day arrives, we will meet at the photo session location and start having fun. I’ll be there, guiding you every step of the way to make sure we capture all those incredible shots you have in mind. 

Purchasing Session

After the photography session, we’ll plan a get-together to dive into your favorite pictures. This is where the magic happens – you get to handpick the shots that speak to you, the ones we’ll polish up and turn into stunning prints. 


Once you’ve chosen the images you love, I’ll sprinkle some editing magic to make them perfect. Your carefully curated selection will then be sent to you through a digital gallery. We want everything to be how you envision, so all mockups will be sent to you for approval before we hit the print button.

Delivering Prints

This is the best part! Once your prints are ready, you can count on a special delivery straight from me. I’m on a mission to ensure that your precious memories are delivered and personally handed over, guaranteeing the absolute best quality for those cherished moments.

a father holds his newborn baby at their indoor family photography session

Opting for lifestyle family photography isn’t just about snapshots; it’s about freezing those real, heartwarming family moments you’ll hold close to forever. 

These aren’t just pictures; they’re time capsules that future generations will dive into, but for now, make sure to hang them in your home and be proud of your beautiful family.

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