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5 Tips To Planning Your Professional Headshots

A woman poses for her professional headshots photography session

Welcome to the Lone Star State, where the pursuit of the perfect professional headshot meets the essence of Austin’s extraordinary charm. Navigating the landscape of headshot photography in Austin is an adventure worth undertaking. With some strategic planning, we’ll ensure your professional headshot is nothing short of attention-grabbing excellence. 

In this article, you’ll learn how to put your best foot forward, get the best headshot, improve personal branding, and have fun and relax while doing so. Even if this may be stepping out of your comfort zone, you’ll be glad once you see those amazing business headshots that will land clients and boost business. So, get ready as we embark on the five tips for planning a great professional headshot. Trust us, once you see those final images, you’ll be glad you took the time to dive into this article. 

A Black female business owner poses for her headshots wearing a white blazer and blue shirt

When in a business of any type, size, or stage, first impressions are critical. When planning a headshot session, ask yourself, how would I like to perceive myself to others? Of course, you want your peers to see you and think of a polished, put-together, professional person. With professional headshot photography, you can use these images to boost your professionalism and bring together a cohesive brand.  

Right off the bat, you’re emphasizing your brand by keeping it consistent. Potential clients, customers, or colleagues will be able to put a face to the name because people are more likely to build trust and connection to a face minus just a logo. 

Your team is what keeps your business moving day in and day out. Why not showcase the people who make the magic happen? By taking some simple yet effective studio headshots, you show the people behind the scenes who make it all happen. This alone can drive business because people want to support other people, not only words typed on a screen. 

The best headshots are those of people looking professional and feeling confident. You can set up a picture day and bring in a professional photographer from Austin, Texas, to snap the best headshots while everyone is stress-free and comfortable in a familiar setting. 

A Black male business owner poses for his headshots, smiling at the camera wearing a pink short-sleeve shirt.

Studio headshots add a human element to otherwise digital interaction. This makes a website feel more relatable and trustworthy. High-quality headshots bring in a sense of professionalism, enhancing the credibility of the individual or group. Look for an image that can be featured front and center. This offers personal shots into memorability and connection with your target audience. 

Headshot photography isn’t only good for your professional website. You should use your professional headshots in social media content or profile pictures for your LinkedIn profile, Facebook, Instagram, or wherever you promote yourself or your business. This maintains brand consistency and representation. 

Having these digital images is great for creating content and makes it easier for people to recognize you online. People are more likely to engage and interact with profiles that have a clear and professional headshot as a profile picture. 

When looking at sites like LinkedIn profiles, their algorithm prioritizes those whose pictures are professional headshots. Adding these photos dramatically improves your visibility and makes it more appealing to others in industry-related searches. 

A woman of color poses in front of a black background wearing a red and black outfit

A professional headshot is crucial for creating a positive first impression in various professional and personal contexts. Headshots convey a sense of professionalism, personal branding, and credibility. 

Professional headshots should be updated every two to three years, depending on if there are significant changes to your appearance, role, or personal branding. It’s vital to keep your headshots current. Many professional photographers in Austin, Texas, can book a session and get you in the studio for recent portraits. 

Facial expressions and poses can do wonders with headshots. A professional photographer can assist you in doing this and make it feel comfortable and natural. 

Minimal retouching should take place within headshot photography. Some editing can be done, such as removing blemishes or adjusting light or contrast, but they should be kept light. 

a white man stands in front of the camera, smiling for his headshots, wearing a blue suit

Headshot photography primarily aims to show an individual’s face, emphasizing their features and expressions. These images will only show a slight background and the person’s shoulders and face. Headshots are explicitly used for personal branding, business websites, and professional profiles. This is because they offer consistency in a single image among multiple platforms. 

This photography session differs from portrait photos. Portraits encompass a larger view. Showing more of a person’s unique personality, more expansive backgrounds, and may include full body shots. 

When booking a photography session in Austin, Texas, there comes an important question. What do I wear? Your first thought may be more of a formal attire, but there are a few tricks to keep this simple yet effective. 

  1. Keep it Classic
  2. Solid Colors Work Best
  3. Choose a Flattering Neckline
  4. Avoid All White or All Black
  5. Bring Options

By sticking to these five simple tips, you are sure to get professional headshots, whether corporate headshots or personal, that flatter not only you as an individual but also as a professional. 

Posing for professional headshots can be intimidating. But if you hire an expert headshot photographer, they will guide you to the best poses to enhance your photos. The best photographer will make you feel comfortable and at ease, making the posing natural. They will also try different poses to see what makes you look and feel your best. 

There are a few tips you can take along with you to ensure you’re getting the best possible photographs for your professional headshots. 

  1. Maintain a Good Posture
  2. Angle Your Body
  3. Relax Your Jaw
  4. Use Your Natural Smile
  5. Avoid Stiffness 
A woman wearing a neutral colored hijab looks into the camera with a soft smile

Not being comfortable in front of a camera is very common. Expert photographers know how to make you feel confident and help you loosen up and relax. They will make it a wonderful experience and will have you wanting to return to their studio whenever you require their services. 

Hence, finding a professional company or expert headshot photographer is crucial. But you must also come into the photoshoot with a good attitude and know a trained professional will help guide you. Other photographers may not go to the lengths needed, so researching and locating a patient photographer with an extensive portfolio is important. 

When choosing what colors to wear for professional headshots in Austin, it’s generally a good idea to opt for classic, solid colors that convey professionalism, all while keeping the main focus on your face.

Darker blues, greens, and burgundy colors bring forth a sense of professional flare without taking away from your facial features. These colors also photograph excellently in natural light, making these the top colors. 

You should play around with some clothing options before sitting in front of the camera to be sure you have the right choice for you and your skin tone. 

There are a few options you’ll want to avoid. Busy patterns and neon colors will remove the focus from your face, making the images less impactful. 

When smiling for your professional headshots, use a natural, relaxed, yet confident smile. Make sure you show off your personality. Not only does this make the photos look better, but it also shows your clients, customers, or colleagues you are confident, fun, and professional. 

With the right headshot, you are encompassing everything you want your brand to be, all while driving more traffic to yourself for just being who you are. So make sure you use your best smile and be confident once picture day comes. 

a woman with red-dyed curly hair grins at the camera for her professional headshots session

The first and most important tip is to ensure you hire a professional who is trained to do professional headshots. You will spend your hard-earned money on these images, so you want to know they will be worth it. Finding an Austin headshot photographer is as simple as doing some googling searching. 

Just be sure to check their qualifications. If you’re hiring someone for a job, it’s ok to have high standards. Most professional photographers will have a myriad of photographs in a gallery you can browse through to see if their style would match the look you are going for. 

You want to align some visual elements with the core values, personality, and message of your branding. You can do this by choosing a color to wear that is within your brand’s color pallet. That way, regardless of what your picture is against, it is on brand for your company or business. 

The right setting is also crucial. If the headshots are for corporate branding, choose a neutral, plainer setting that can be used in more applications or if you have a job switch. If you’re using it for your personal business or branding, you can consider a setting with a more creative vibe. 

Most people want to look their absolute best when sitting in front of that camera lens. Not only does this show other people that you’re putting your best self forward it can also help boost your confidence during your session, ensuring some top-of-the-line headshots. 

Of course, having the most trendy hairstyle or makeup look is not necessary. Depending on your life and your focus, this can look different. We suggest doing what makes you feel your best before heading to the headshot photoshoot, as this will keep your spirits high and will reflect in your portraits. 

An outfit change is not required when taking headshots, but it’s nice to have the option. When doing so, you’ll want to choose two different looks. For example, it could be two separate shirt colors or using a bow tie and then trying a regular tie. You want the two options to be distinctly different. 

You can try out different necklines as well, and with the guidance of your photographer, they can assist in which looks better or simply photographs better. Most professional photographers will schedule enough time to try different poses and outfits to make it a successful session. 

a blonde woman looks to the camera with an urban background wearing a red shirt and black blazer

Getting some much-needed rest helps you feel more energized the day of your headshots, but catching up on sleep can also significantly benefit your skin’s appearance. It reduces puffiness and dark circles and gives you a fresher look. 

Getting adequate rest also improves your thinking and reduces stress levels, making you ready and confident for your upcoming session. Being rested will also increase your productivity, making the photography session efficient and making the most of your time. 

You never want to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, especially for your professional headshots. As always, confirm locations and times for your professional headshot. This keeps everyone on schedule and ready for what’s ahead instead of rushing or stressing at the last minute. Not to mention beating the Austin, Texas, traffic. 

If you wear glasses, clean them before the shoot. Having smudged glasses looks rushed and unprofessional, not to mention distracting. You’ll want everything you wear to reflect your professionalism and attention to detail. 

Bringing touch-up products like an extra comb or brush, even some styling gel, can be helpful, especially if you have gotten ready and then had to dive into the location. As mentioned, you want your headshots to show you at your best. 

Bringing extra hair spray or makeup to touch up before the photography session can save you from having any flyaways or smeared lipstick from your morning coffee before the shoot. 

Most professional headshots will have a neutral backdrop. This is to keep the focus on the face and away from distracting backgrounds that can lead the eye elsewhere. These traditional backgrounds will be all white or neutral, perfect for corporate headshots. 

If you are planning on taking headshots for your personal brand, you may want to opt for an urban setting such as the city or a park. Getting some unique headshots is not a bad thing, in fact, and can make you pop from the background, which causes even more visual interest, leading to more views. 

Not only does it add more interest visually, but it also encompasses the use of natural light, making everyone and everything look much brighter and illuminated than studio lights. It’s a much more comfortable session and tends to feel more authentic. 

Using the company space is an excellent option for business and corporate headshot photography. Not only do you have all the employees in the same spot, but it’s great for branding. By choosing a spot in the office, everyone has the same backdrop, lighting, and environment that keeps the brand consistent across all platforms. 

Remember: a great professional headshot is not only just a picture but a vital tool to amplify your professional or personal branding. From feeling confident and well-rested, choosing the right outfit colors and necklines, representing your brand, and having a beautiful Austin backdrop, you’ll have the best headshot that represents your best self.

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