In the world of business, there are only so many ways to promote yourself–ok, well, there are a lot–but you want your best face forward when potential clients, coworkers, or employment opportunities come knocking. 

Professional headshots are much more than a quick indoor or outdoor selfie taken on your smartphone during a coffee break. These photos are what make you stand out from the crowd, keep you on brand, and make you look and feel more professional.

How Professional Headshots Help Professionals


Studio headshots offer a neutral background with professional lighting to make you look like the business professional you are. The photographer will guide you on poses and can get the perfect angle in a pretty controlled setting. 

These photos can be retouched to add a bit of an extra glow for that perfectly polished look. These photos are very appealing as they look as put together as possible, showing you took the time and effort to do so. 


In a corporate setting, it’s always the easiest to get a photographer to come on location to snap everyone's professional headshots. The perks are simple–everyone is there ready for the session, they all have the same background, keeping on brand, and it will give your company website the upper hand when in the aesthetics department. 


Outdoor professional headshots are great for those who want a professional headshot that offers a bit of variety and authenticity–not to mention that everyone looks better in natural lighting. These are generally the headshots used for those who run their own businesses and want to keep on brand with their company. 

Overall, outdoor headshots offer a unique blend of natural beauty, versatility, and authenticity that can enhance your professional image and make a lasting impression on clients, colleagues, and employers

Types of Headshots

What to Wear for Professional Headshots 

Depending on whether these are for your personal brand, corporate, or keeping the playing field open, there are many options for what you can wear. Pick a shirt or blouse that flatters you, and ensure the colors match nicely with your hair, skin, and eyes. Enter here a quick shopping trip–go ahead and try on something new. The key is to look and feel your best. 

A few things to stay away from are neon colors, overly busy patterns, and logo clothing. All of these distract from the person being photographed and often draw the eye of the viewer to the clothes rather than your face. Choose items that flatter, not distract. 

questions + answers

What should I wear for my Austin Headshot Photos?

We encourage you to bring outfits that reflect your personality, while aligning with your industry. It's recommended to be well-groomed and avoid clothing with wrinkles.

Should i wear makeup for my professional headshots?

Wearing makeup is strongly encouraged. It can enhance your facial features and skin tones, and reduce blemishes. We have makeup recommendation for all skins tones.

Do you have a headshot studio in austin?

We have a mobile studio and can setup studio lights and backdrops anywhere. We also rent spaces, use client's home's, place of employment, etc. It all depends on your vision.

What is the difference between brand photos and headshots?

Brand Photos showcase your workspace, products, services, and visual story for your business. Headshots highlight just the faces of your brand and business.

Do you photograph Corporate events in austin?

We have experience photographing corporate events, workshops, conferences, expos, etc. We not only photo the event, but capture its personality as well. 

Do you offer Branding photos?

Yes. We work with you identify your vision, location, styling, props, and vibe for your brand. We deliver brand photos to use on your online and print marketing materials.

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