Corporate photography is all about capturing those picture-perfect moments that highlight your business in the best possible light. It's about showcasing your team and workplace in a professional setting, using top-notch quality to set you apart from the competition. 

These photos are your secret weapon, ready to shine on your website, social media profiles, and beyond. So, where and how do you achieve these types of images?

What is Corporate Photography?

Types of Headshots


Everyone is already looking their best when heading to a business conference. Here is the best time to snap some photos of what your business or company is all about. This is also when some publications or other work materials can be photographed for marketing or brand recognition. 

business expos

Like conferences, business expos have everyone looking their most professional trying to sell what they have to offer. This is great for companies with tangible products as well as getting some shots of potential customers interested in products or services. 

special events

Special events like dinners or cocktail hours are great to boost company morale and are the perfect opportunity to snap some awesome photographs. These types of photos are wonderful to share on social media because they are more of a casual side of the business that makes everything feel more human in our mostly tech world. 

corporate retreat

There is no better photography opportunity than a corporate retreat to upgrade all of your business's pictures. A corporate retreat aims to facilitate team building, strategic planning, professional development, and fostering a positive company culture. These offer excellent opportunities for your photographer to snap some pics to really bring your brand to life via print and screen. 

How Corporate Photography Enhances Your Brand

Corporate photography is all about showing off your brand and business in the best light possible. It’s like a secret weapon when it comes to branding. With professional photos, you’re telling a story, a story of professionalism, staying true to yourself, and standing out from the rest. 

These photographs are what catch your audience's attention and keep their eyes moving around a page. It’s all about building meaningful connections to let your company shine! 

questions + answers

What should I wear for my Austin Headshot Photos?

We encourage you to bring outfits that reflect your personality, while aligning with your industry. It's recommended to be well-groomed and avoid clothing with wrinkles.

Should i wear makeup for my professional headshots?

Wearing makeup is strongly encouraged. It can enhance your facial features and skin tones, and reduce blemishes. We have makeup recommendation for all skins tones.

Do you have a headshot studio in austin?

We have a mobile studio and can setup studio lights and backdrops anywhere. We also rent spaces, use client's home's, place of employment, etc. It all depends on your vision.

What is the difference between brand photos and headshots?

Brand Photos showcase your workspace, products, services, and visual story for your business. Headshots highlight just the faces of your brand and business.

Do you photograph Corporate events in austin?

We have experience photographing corporate events, workshops, conferences, expos, etc. We not only photo the event, but capture its personality as well. 

Do you offer Branding photos?

Yes. We work with you identify your vision, location, styling, props, and vibe for your brand. We deliver brand photos to use on your online and print marketing materials.

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