There is nothing more adorable than newborn photography. Those little fingers and toes, the fuzzy blankets, and sweet faces. There comes a time when you’ll be ever so grateful you captured those beginning days, as time will go by ever so fast. 

Newborn photography is the most peaceful and relaxed the first 10 days after the baby is born. During this time period, babies are still very sleepy and can easily be placed into those adorable little poses everyone loves. They also tend to still be in their curled position, capturing those precious timeless moments of cuddly cuteness.

When to Have Newborn Photography

There's No Place Like Home

Becoming new parents is a tough and tiring job–especially when you are just thrown into the mix after heading home from the hospital. In the midst of sleepless nights and endless baby care, the thought may cross your mind. How in the world can I carve out the time and energy to gather all the essentials for a newborn photoshoot?

Well, the answer: In-home photography sessions. There is no need to pack up your new baby or remember everything that needs to be placed into the diaper bag. By choosing in-home sessions, you have everything at your fingertips, and you both can be comforted by a familiar and safe environment. 

Where to Have Newborn Photography

What to Wear For Newborn Photography

This is the perfect time to snap some shots of everyone as you introduce your newest family member to the world. But it may be rough thinking of what to wear, especially being so newly postpartum. 

The secret? Keep it effortlessly comfy and casually stylish–for both you and your little one. While picking out a couple of coordinating outfits for those extra special shots is a fantastic idea, it's wise to stick to a limit of two or three outfit changes. Why? Too many changes might ruffle the baby's feathers and lead to some adorable fussiness.

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When should I have my Austin maternity photoshoot?

The best time to take Austin maternity pictures is between your 2nd trimester of pregnancy and 3rd trimester. During this time you should be visibly showing and still have energy to walk freely and move around at ease.

Where is the best location for my Austin maternity pictures?

The best location to have your Austin maternity session is where you feel most comfortable. If you want lifestyle maternity session then I’d recommend your house. If you want maternity pictures in the water or a field then I have outdoor locations.

Do I have to wear a maternity dress?

Wearing a maternity dress is a popular idea, but not the only one. Many women elect to have multiple outfits that may or may not include a maternity dress. Some women love the flowy fabric of a dress, others prefer the intimacy of maternity lingerie, and some like both.

When should I book my Austin newborn photography session?

Newborn babies grow and change very fast within the first few weeks of birth. Having the newborn session within a week or two of being discharged would be ideal. 

What should I bring to my Austin newborn session?

Remember to bring several changes of outfits, in case your little one ruins some. Bring any personal props, ie blankets, stuffed animals, toys, etc. Be prepared to take some time for feeding.

Where should i take my baby's first pictures?

We recommend having your baby's first pictures in your home. Your house/ nursery provides a familiar and comfortable space for your little one.

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