Capturing a Special Moment in Time 
Pregnancy is a beautiful journey that seems to slow time yet goes by ever so quickly. Your pregnancy is a time to embrace motherhood for all it is, changing body and all. ​​Capture cozy moments with your partner and kiddos, expressing the boundless love you all share. 

Sharing These Memories When Your Children Are Older 
It’s a wonderful thing to be able to share this incredible moment with your child when they are older. They can see and appreciate everything you have done for them as their mom. It’s a bonding moment like no other and brings a family even closer together. 

The Benefits of maternity Photography


Swap the dull studio for the magic of parks! Nature's backdrop is where it's at–versatile, beautiful, and way more exciting than a dull beige backdrop. Plus, the natural lighting? It'll have you glowing like a star. With loads of space for moving around, it's the perfect spot for a family and friends rendezvous. Let's make your maternity shoot an outdoor adventure!


Go for comfy vibes with a home maternity shoot! It's your chance to turn your space into a cozy studio. Let that family feel shine through. Use the nursery as your backdrop–it's the last time it'll look this picture-perfect.

Downtown Austin

Craving city vibes? Downtown Austin's got you covered! Whether it's waterfront serenity, vibrant street art, or the sparkle of nighttime lights, your maternity photos will be city-chic and timeless. If you’re an Austin native, this is the shoot for you.

Locations For A Maternity Session in Austin

What To Wear For A Maternity Session

  • Flowing dresses to emphasize the bump are traditional and work best
  • The most important thing is to dress comfortable

Emphasize The Bump
One of the most important parts of your maternity shoot is planning the outfit! The real game-changers are those flowy dresses and outfits that proudly flaunt that baby bump. Trust me, they not only look absolutely fantastic but also transform your photos into supermodel-worthy shots.

Now, comfort is key. Pregnancy brings its own set of feelings and sensations, and we get it. Luckily, there's a whole world of maternity wear out there that's both stylish and cozy, hugging those curves in all the right places. Who said you can't be chic and comfy at the same time?

questions + answers

When should I have my Austin maternity photoshoot?

The best time to take Austin maternity pictures is between your 2nd trimester of pregnancy and 3rd trimester. During this time you should be visibly showing and still have energy to walk freely and move around at ease.

Where is the best location for my Austin maternity pictures?

The best location to have your Austin maternity session is where you feel most comfortable. If you want lifestyle maternity session then I’d recommend your house. If you want maternity pictures in the water or a field then I have outdoor locations.

Do I have to wear a maternity dress?

Wearing a maternity dress is a popular idea, but not the only one. Many women elect to have multiple outfits that may or may not include a maternity dress. Some women love the flowy fabric of a dress, others prefer the intimacy of maternity lingerie, and some like both.

When should I book my Austin newborn photography session?

Newborn babies grow and change very fast within the first few weeks of birth. Having the newborn session within a week or two of being discharged would be ideal. 

What should I bring to my Austin newborn session?

Remember to bring several changes of outfits, in case your little one ruins some. Bring any personal props, ie blankets, stuffed animals, toys, etc. Be prepared to take some time for feeding.

Where should i take my baby's first pictures?

We recommend having your baby's first pictures in your home. Your house/ nursery provides a familiar and comfortable space for your little one.

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